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McAfee Puts Security in Intel Chips, Unveils New DeepSAFE

Security software maker McAfee’s forthcoming offering DeepSAFE technology will be equipped with the ability to consistently monitor the activities in your system’s memory and processor, thus throwing away any malicious software even before they can start their disastrous activities, the company announced.

The company disclosed this revolutionary technology on Tuesday during the Intel Developers Forum. Primarily known for its enormous antivirus and other security software portfolio, the company is currently focusing on the DeepSAFE technology which will be capable of facilitating a hardware assisted protection shield against all external threats.

According to McAfee, the new offering has been designed to work from underneath the operating system installed in the system, meaning it will be far more effective against deep rooted threats in comparison to other security products.

"McAfee DeepSAFE technology sits beyond the operating system (and close to the silicon) allowing McAfee products to have an additional vantage point in the computing stack to better protect systems," the company said, TomsHardware reports.

"McAfee anticipates the McAfee DeepSAFE technology will be a foundation for a number of hardware-assisted security products that take advantage of a 'deeper' security footprint which will work in conjunction with McAfee Endpoint Security Platform,” it added.