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Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL Seek Larger Piece of US Online and Search Advertising Revenue

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have combined forces to take on Google in US online display and search advertising markets.

The search engine giant enjoys the lion’s share of the US online market, raking in more than $2 billion in revenue from advertisements each year.

According to the All Things Digital blog (opens in new tab), executives from all three companies have met with media agencies to convey their plans to attack Google’s share in the US.

Sources have told the blog that the companies plan to sell each other’s ‘class 2 display’ advertising inventory, which is left-over advertising space that companies have failed to sell.

The idea is to slow the advances in display and advertising sales made by Google and Facebook.

The news comes as AOL has reportedly approached Yahoo for a possible merger after Yahoo’s board fired its CEO Carol Bartz over the phone.

All three companies failed to give a definite answer when asked about their plans, but an AOL spokesperson said, “We're excited to continue to explore opportunities to expand our relationships” and added that it will share more information in the future.