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73% of UK Internet Users Rely on Social Media Networks

About 73 percent of UK Internet users interact on social media platforms, a new study showing the impact of social networks has revealed.

A study conducted by marketing research firm InSites Consulting, around 73 percent of British Internet users are on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is slightly lower than the Europe-wide average of 74 percent.

Out of the 37 million people that use social networking platforms, 64 percent use Facebook, 24 percent use micro-blogging platform Twitter and 21 percent use professional social network LinkedIn.

“These numbers show that social network sites have penetrated all layers of society. An analysis of the users show everyone is there: young, older, employed or unemployed,” said Professor Steven Van Belleghem of InSites Consulting.

“Involving these people in your company's management via social media is a new way of approaching your company and the market. Social media help consumers to better understand how marketing works and therefore also help them to play a determining part in a company’s management,” he added.

The use of social networking is indeed increasing in the UK, with social platforms being used by social and business organisations to bring their messages across to users. However, the platform can also be used for nefarious purposes like the London riots.