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£44.99 Acer 18.5-inch TFT Monitor

The Acer 18.5” TFT Monitor isn’t the brightest star in the sky full of monitors and displays but it is sure to leave a lasting impression once you start using it.

Backed by the strong competence of Acer in computing accessories, TFT monitor does truly deliver all its claims to; with just a fragment of the cost.

The widescreen TFT monitor boasts of an amazing 8000000:1 contrast ratio (dynamic) and promises to deliver visual output at 16.7 million colours. This monitor is the typical day to day use monitors that would fit just right on your desktop table without taking up too much space but is sure to enhance the looks with its quality design.

With response time of just 5ms, you can enjoy flawless display of action movies, games without blurring on the sides and deep and rich colour effects at a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels.

The monitor comes with one VGA port and an analogue input for connectivity needs. The monitor can either act as the primary display for your desktop or an extended display for your desktop or laptop. The monitor is refurbished but comes with 12 months Argos warranty.

The Acer 18.5-inch TFT Monitor is available from eBay for £44.99 (excluding postage).