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Apple Production Line Issues with iPhone 5

Apple is experiencing production line delays for its iPhone 5 device, which could cause shortages until 2012.

According to a report on 9to5 Mac, sources have revealed that the device, which is shaped like a ‘tear drop’, is experiencing delays in at least one production line.

Sources have also told the blog that the iPhone 5 is a ‘sight to behold’ and is considerably lighter with a sturdy design as compared to its Android rivals.

The iPhone 5 also features a great point and shoot camera, which is one of the marketing points Apple is going to stress.

The blog post also revealed the iPad maker is also going to launch an iPhone 4 look alike, the iPhone 4S, to be priced aggressively and with pre-paid plans available. The company is producing 10 million devices for the holiday shopping seasons and is going to offer it ‘everywhere’.

The blog believes the devices will be launched somewhere around October 7, but France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard recently let it slip that the device will be available on October 15.