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ARMed Windows 8 Won't Support x86 Software Says Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed, via its President of Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky (opens in new tab), that Windows 8 for ARM will not support x86 software; this, of course, shouldn't come as a surprise.

Back in May, Renée James from Intel pointed out to investors that Windows 8 for ARM won't be compatible with traditional x86 applications, something which Microsoft qualified as being "inaccurate and unfortunately misleading"

Sinofsky pointed specifically to battery life being an issue for applications that are ported from a traditional x86 environment to an ARM system on chip and touted Metro style apps as a potential solution.

This, he reckoned might be a massive market opportunity for developers, which could make money developing for both platforms.

Obviously, the "losers" would be businesses or customers looking to switch from one hardware platform to another; witness the Mac vs Intel division.

The difference though is the emergence of web-based applications and services which make the choice of operating system irrelevant.

Indeed, there's a valid USP in selling a solution that's compatible across board rather than different ones for diverging platforms.

Désiré Athow

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