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Ballmer Not Impressed with Windows 7 Sales

Software giant Microsoft’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer is disappointed with the sales figure of the company’s Windows Phone 7, the CEO himself admitted during Redmond’s financial analyst meeting.

The Windows Phone 7 platform, which was supposed to be the company’s answer to arch rivals Apple and Google’s iPhone and Android products, has so far not been able to offer any significant competition in the market. This is despite the fact that the platform has been embraced by most of the world’s largest handset manufacturers including HTC and Samsung.

Both Korea based Samsung and Taiwan based HTC are all set to come up with new range of device powered by the next generation WP7, also known as Mango.

“We haven’t sold quite as many as I would have liked in the first year. ... I’m not saying I love where we are, but I am very optimistic on where we can be,” Ballmer said on Wednesday in the US, Mashable reports.

Expressing his sense of optimism about the company’s strong bond with the mobile giant Nokia, the CEO went on to say: “With Nokia we have a dedicated hardware partner that is all-in on Windows Phones. They are not doing something on Android”.