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Case-Mate Briefly Publishes Images of New iPhone 5 Device Online

iPhone case maker Case-Mate briefly put up a webpage with images of cases for the upcoming iPhone 5 device.

Everyone believes that Apple is planning to introduce a new iPhone soon, even though the company, like always, has been tight lipped about.

Rumors are pouring in, some claiming that the company might unveil the device at an event in October - to coincide with the launch of iOS 5.

Tech blog BGR managed to grab the images before they were removed by Case-Mate.

The images reveal that the iPhone 5 will feature a radical new design. Like the iPad, it will be a bit curved at the top-back. The iPhone 5 seems slimmer than iPhone 4, but also wider.

The images were soon replaced by a landing page, which allowed users to sign up for notification about when the cases for iPhone 5 will be released.

On the notifications page, the company allows users to sign-up for information about cases for both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the top-selling iPhone 4 device.

There are many people excited to learn as much as possible about the new iPhone and design possibilities.