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Google Doodles Alberty Szent-Gyorgyi’s 118th Birthday

In its latest edition of Google Doodle, the Mountain View based search giant Google has paid tribute to Alberty Szent Gyorgyi - the Hungarian physiologist, known for his revolutionary discovery of Vitamin C.

Born exactly 118 years ago in Budapest, Gyorgyi went on to win the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his contribution to the field of Physiology and Medicine. His precious contributions to the domain included the likes of discovery of the biological combustion process, Vitamin C as well as the catalysis of fumaric acid.

In order to remind users how valuable Gyorgyi’s contributions were to the world of modern physiology and medicines, Google displayed a picture of oranges, pineapple, lemon and strawberry in the Doodle. All these fruits happen to be major sources for vitamin C.

Gyorgyi, who was a son of a landowner in Budapest, pursued his academic study at the Semmelweis University, which would later be interrupted during the World War 1.

After the war was over, he resumed his research and went to the Groningen University to study chemistry of cellular respiration. He relentlessly pursued his research until his death on October 22, 1986.