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Groupon Reportedly Back on IPO Track

Despite being in the midst of an unstable and unpredictable economy, e-commerce outfit Groupon is reportedly pondering over the idea of bringing back its initial public offering.

According to latest reports, unconfirmed though, the company is planning to go public sometimes during the late October or early November. Earlier in the month, the company postponed its initial presentation to the potential future investors.

A report by the New York Times also backed these speculations. The NY Times even went on to cite inputs taken from insiders with direct knowledge on the matter.

With this, more news have surfaced about Groupon kick starting its preparations for the investors sometimes during mid October. Reports suggest that the new move by the company has been primarily fuelled by a new understanding between Groupon and the Security and Exchange Commission.

“While the company now appears to feel more confident about going forward with an offering, another round of market gyrations could again delay its roadshow and stock sale, said the people briefed on the matter, who were not authorized to speak publicly,” according to a New York times report.