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IBM Supercomputer Watson to Serve the US Health Care Industry

IBM’s supercomputer Watson is all set to play a crucial role in the health care industry, and perhaps in the government too, the company has announced.

Watson, the supercomputer with amazing computing ability, has appeared on national TV to compete and win against two human champions on the popular game show, Jeopardy.

Now Watson will prepare to make more meaningful contributions to the society - like assisting doctors in diagnosing and curing patients. This could be a huge contribution that will help many in the healthcare field.

IBM recently joined forces with WellPoint - the largest health insurer in the US to offer Watson’s services in the treatment of patients.

Watson's services will not remain restricted to clinical applications only. According to Dr. Basit Chaudhry, a prominent medical scientist and IBM researcher, Watson can play an even bigger role by assisting in the policy components in the health care sector.

“Watson can help officials start to deal with questions like what do we do with Medicaid based on demand, or the realities of their state population,” Dr. Chaudhary said, as reportedby CivSourceOnline.