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iPhone 5 Launching October 15 Says France Telecom CEO

France Telecom CEO has accidentally let slip the possible launch date of Apple’s highly awaited iPhone 5 smartphone.

According to Pocket-Lint, the CEO Stéphane Richard, in an interview with BFM Business, revealed that the highly anticipated iPhone 5 will be launching on October 15.

“If I believe what we were told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October and if the date is confirmed it will of course be in France Telecom stores,” he said.

Judging by his statements, he does not seem to be sure about the release date, so this can’t be considered as reliable. However, other rumours also point towards a mid-October release for the iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to dish out iPhone 5 in October, alongside the iPhone 4S, which is being considered as a cheaper version of the iPhone 4. The company is expected to release the iPhone 5 around the same time as iOS 5, with the software coming pre-loaded on the device.

O2 believes that the device will be launched on October 21st while Best Buy is also expected to put up in-store instalments on October 21st.