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Microsoft Introduces 'Project Rosalyn' at BUILD Developer Conference

Microsoft has released a preview version of a new type of compiler at the BUILD developer conference.

The compiler, code-named Project Rosalyn, has been designed for C3 and VisualBasic languages and comes with a bunch of APIs that allow developers to fine tune their software code, Tech World explains.

The compiler is based on the Mono Project started by Miguel de Icaza and allows the developers to view various information about their program like a library.

Microsoft aims to allow developers to access data generated by the compiler when it finishes converting source code into binary executable program.

Project Rosalyn will let developers view this data, which can then be used by Visual Basic to generate more programming options.

Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg also said developers will be able to use Rosalyn to reorganise their code more efficiently.

“This project is about revising what compilers do. [It] is about opening the compiler and making all that information available so [the developer] can harness all of this knowledge,” he said during thew BUILD conference, where CEO Steve Ballmer also made an appearance.