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Oracle-Google Java Infringement Lawsuit Goes to Full Trial

A US federal judge has ruled that the Oracle-Google Java patent infringement case will go for a full jury trial; a major blow for the search engine giant.

Oracle has sued Google for copying massive amounts of Java source code in its Android mobile operating system and is demanding billions in compensation. Google has called the lawsuit a sham and has repeatedly asked the court to throw it out.

Google has filed motions against several of the claims made by Oracle. The judge has denied all the motions expect one - allowing the case to go for a full trial.

"This order finds that the names of the various items appearing in the disputed API package specifications are not protected by copyright. To that extent, the motion is granted," said judge William Alsup

"All of defendant's other summary judgement theories regarding the copyright claim are denied," he added.

Patent expert Florian Mueller believes this is bad news for Google. He also believes that according the ruling made by the judge, even the judge believes that Google is most likely to lose the case and pay heavy damages apart from the fact that it would have to alter Android’s code.