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Pirate Site Newzbin2 Preps Anti-BT Blocking Software

Pirate website Newzbin2 has declared that it is making a new software that will allow BT customers to access it despite a court-ordered block.

The Motion Pictures Association had won a ruling against Newzbin2, forcing BT to block users from accessing the website, which is said to give its members access to pirate movies and music.

Newzbin2 is a popular members-only website which indexes Usenet discussion forums and people are able to get their hands on copyright protected digital merchandise like music and movies.

BT will be implementing the ban on the website in October, using its Cleanfeed system. However, according to TorrentFreak, the engineers are Newzbin2 are developing software that will help users circumvent the block.

The website as already released the first version of the Windows client and versions for Mac OS X Lion and Linux are in the pipeline.

"We are pleased to announce the first Newzbin2 client software. This is targeted at UK users who are likely to get blocked in October. This first version is a bit rushed and so not very polished. As time goes by we shall improve it and add features", Newzbin2 said.