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Qualcomm Partners with Microsoft to Run Windows 8 on Snapdragon

Qualcomm announced that the company is partnering with Microsoft to run Windows 8 on its next generation Snapdragon mobile processor. The company is one of a few processor makers to support Windows-based smartphones and PCs.

According to an article on Smart Gorillas, the company also stated that it was working with Microsoft to make Windows 8 compatible with its Gobi mobile Internet platform for 3G and 4G connectivity.

“We are excited to be at BUILD to show the Windows ecosystem and how we are working together towards commercialisation of apps and hardware that will run Windows 8,” Senior vice president of product management, computing and consumer products at Qualcomm, Luis Pineda said.

“It is a priority for Qualcomm to work with the developer community to optimise the Snapdragon and Gobi-powered platform for Windows 8 to provide an unparalleled mobile user experience,” he added.

Microsoft, along with Qualcomm, demonstrated a Snapdragon-powered Windows 8 PC at its BUILD developer conference attended by developers, marketers, reporters and others in the tech industry.