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Apple Merging Multiple User Accounts into One Claims Site

In a move that could relieve all those having multiple Apple IDs, or a separate iCloud or MobileMe account, the Cupertino based tech giant Apple Inc. has decided to merge all the different accounts/IDs belonging to a single user into just one.

According to a MacRumors (opens in new tab) report, a pair of users reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook himself over the matter, in response to which, the company reassured both the users over the phone that Apple was aware of the complexities originating from the multiple user IDs issue and all necessary steps were being taken to resolve it.

As of now, there is no way a user can combine his/her multiple Apple accounts into a unified ID. But, the company claims that it is currently pondering over the matter, and will come up with a solution pretty soon.

The iPhone maker also urged users to stick to just one account until an effective solution is found, and make all purchases from that account only.

The issue was raised by TUAW almost a couple of months back (in July), and the answer was not particularly satisfactory back then.

“Most of the users suffering from the multiple ID issue “have already contacted Apple, only to be given the same answer without exception: Apple will not consolidate Apple ID accounts,” the TUAW report (opens in new tab) dated July 17, 2011 read.