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Drug gangs assassinate Mexican bloggers

Mexican drugs gangs hung two bloggers from a bridge after left they were involved in setting up web sites on which to report drug-related violence.

The two dead bodies were found hanging from a bridge in the city of Nuevo Laredo, along with messages scrawled on bits of cardboard.

"That will happen to all of them," read one message, signed with the letter 'Z' - not Zorro in this but more likely a drug gang called Zetas, AFP reports.

The bodies were of a man and a woman in their twenties, both showed signs of having been tortured.

According to the Houston Chronicle the web sites miffing the murderers are Blog del Narco and Al Rojo Vivo, both of which report on the fate of victims of the nasty business.

Since Mexican media have largely given up reporting on the druggy mess, through fear and compliance social networking sites are becoming the "primary news sources in scores of Mexican communities," the Chronicle reckons, even for family members in the U.S., as gangs battle cartel rivals and security forces.

The Mexican newspaper Vanguardia reports that one bodies of a man in his 20s and the other of a woman in her 20s. "In plain sight, you could tell that before they were assassinated, both of them had be tortured," the paper reports.