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SAP Ex-Subsidiary to Pay $20 Million to Settle Criminal Charges

Enterprise software maker SAP AG is going to pay approximately $20 million to settle the criminal charges brought against one of its subsidiary - TomorrowNow.

TomorrowNow was earlier accused by Oracle to have illegally accessed and download software as well as multiple support documents from its customer support portal.

Chief Financial Officer of Global Customer Operations, SAP, Mark White plead guilty on behalf of his company. Accordingly, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) went on to impose a hefty fine worth $20,004,800 on the company. In addition to that, SAP was also subjected to a three year long corporate probation.

“Twenty million dollars reflects the seriousness of the conduct especially in light of the size of TomorrowNow, the revenues that it earned during its existence and in light of the restitution that is going to be paid in the civil case," said Kyle Waldinger, the Department of Justice's lead attorney on the case, according to this PC World report.

Meanwhile, SAP has admitted to the charges brought against it, and assured that it would fully corporate with any criminal investigations into anybody from within its staff, related to the case.