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SF CEO Warns Gathering Too Much Information from Social Media Sites Leads to Customer Dissatisfaction

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff claims that companies no longer want to merge customer data gathered from various sources when customers themselves start to feel alienated.

The CEO spoke during a press conference held this past Wednesday. According to Benioff, businesses, whenever they use extensive information extracted from social media platforms for sales and marketing purposes, run the risk of damaging their reputation if customers start expressing dissatisfaction publicly.

"Customers are putting more information on networks than ever before. If companies break that line then customers will tell them on the public network." Benioff said in a statement to ZDNet, UK at the Cloudforce 2011 event press conference in London, as reported (opens in new tab) by Tom Espiner.

The Salesforce CEO also added that all businesses that exploit social media platforms for analytical purposes need to make sure users’ privacy remain totally intact.

Some of Salesforce’s exclusive technologies, such as the Service Cloud etc., allow customers like KLM to scrape user data from social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to gather information on KLM customers.