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Two Twitter Board Members Resign for Reasons Unknown

Two of the earliest investors in the social media platform Twitter have left the company’s board of directors, the company announced on Friday.

The departure of Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital and Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures happens to be the one of the latest changes in company leadership.

Neither the duo, nor the company have officially spoken about the reasons that prompted this sudden action. Both Sabet an Wilson decided to remain tight lipped even after being asked to comment.

According to a report by IBN Live, an unnamed source has said that Twitter does not have replacements in mind for Sabet and Wilson. The company , however, has given credit to both former board members for their contribution and faith in the company and what Twitter has become today.

"Both saw what Twitter could become before most anyone else," Twitter spokesman Sean Garrett in an email statement, according to the IBN Live report.

"We look forward to their continued input as both investors in the company and passionate users of the product," he added.