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£199.99 Yamaha YHT294 5.1 AV Receiver with Speaker System

Yamaha has been known for its range of quality consumer entertainment products and The YHT294 is no exception to that. The 5.1 AV Receiver, is packed with classic Yamaha components that take your entertainment level to the next level more or less equivalent to that of a cinema like experience.

The main component of the YHT294 package is the RXV367 AV receiver capable of offering you an amazing 600 watts of power. The receiver includes a total of four HDMI inputs as well and making it compatible with the latest 3D Televisions out there.

The AV receiver is quite easy to setup and use. The SCENE functionality, four selections, automatically selects the ideal DSP (Digital Signal Processor) settings depending upon the input. Yamaha has also added the YPAO feature that automatically sets the speakers to match the room's acoustics.

Talking about a couple of other features, the Compressed Music Enhancer – known for improving sound from MP3 sources and A/V lip sync function – ensures you get the perfect match between the dialogue delivery and the actual sound.

Yamaha YHT294 comes with four satellite speakers that, accompanied by stands, can be placed just about anywhere. The centre speaker with a separate twitter provides dual cones, which brings out enhanced dialogue detail.

The package also includes a subwoofer with Yamaha's advanced YST technology to create a deep, powerful bass response and the overall audio is powered by Dolby Pro Logic II as well as Dolby Pro Logic Surround.

BestBuy is offering the Yamaha YHT294 5.1 AV Receiver and Speaker System for just £199.99.