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Dell CEO Claims the PC is Here to Stay

The founder and chief executive officer of Dell claims that PCs are doing more than just fine, and will continue to do so despite widespread rumors and speculation about an inevitable doomsday for the entire industry.

Michael Dell made the claim during an interview with the Financial Times last week. His remarks came days after a report published by research outfit Gartner Inc., that predicted a slow growth for the PC industry at just 3.8 percent for this year, meaning a total of 352 units.

"There are a billion and a half PCs in the world and while Gartner change their estimates here and there, they also estimate there will be two billion PCs in the world by 2014," said Dell during the interview.

“So when I look at that, I think the idea that the PC is no longer here is complete nonsense,” he added.

The CEO also claimed the growth of the PC industry will be primarily driven by markets in the emerging countries like China, where 60 percent of all Internet usage is managed using Dell products. Other emerging countries are also likely to follow in China's footsteps be become more Internet-savvy.