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E-MiLi Technology Improves Smartphone Battery Life

A group of researchers from the University of Michigan hascome up with brand new technology that could improve the battery life of next-generation smartphone devices.

The new technology - an initiative by computer science and engineering professor Kang Shin, along with Xinyu Zhang, a doctoral student, reduces Idle Listening - the process by which “sleeping” phones constantly keep looking for clear communication channels or incoming messages etc.

According to the researchers, this technology could save as much a 54 percent of battery life in devices located amidst the busiest networks.

Apparently. the technology, E-MiLi, significantly reduces the clock-speed of a phone’s built-in Wi Fi card by up to 1/16 times the normal frequency; thus saving a considerable amount of power. However, when the handsets becomes aware of any incoming data, the clock frequency goes back to its default value immediately.

“The scientists claim their technology can reduce energy consumption by about 44% when applied to 92% of mobile devices in real-world situation. The big challenge is that to work, E-MiLi would have to be incorporated into the firmware for the chip sets of Wi-Fi and mobile devices,” according to a report (opens in new tab) by the Wall Street Journal.