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Facebook Likes Twitter, Now Tweet from Facebook

Social networking giant Facebook will soon allow users to post status updates on Twitter from within the platform.

According to ZDNet, when users update their Facebook status publicly, the same message will be tweeted from their Twitter account automatically.

In order to do this, users will have to link their Twitter account with Facebook. Only status updates which are made publicly for everyone to see are allowed to be simultaneously posted on Twitter, not the ones which are protected by user privacy policy.

The feature has long been available for Facebook Pages, making it easier for page managers to send out messages to fans on both the platforms in a single go.

The company will launch the feature for general users as a part of its launch of its Subscription service, which allows people to subscribe to the activities of someone that is not on their friends list. Facebook has explained how the process will work in this document [PDF].

In the past, some third party apps allowed users to make cross platform updates but Facebook moved swiftly to block them. Now, facing competition from Google+, the company has finally decided to change its policies regarding content on Facebook.