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Facebook Messenger App Available in UK for Android and iOS as Free Download

Good news for all social media enthusiasts in the UK - the official Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS platforms have finally arrived.

The app, which has been termed by many as the social media giant’s answer to Research In Motion’s massively popular Blackberry Messenger, will be a free download, the company announced.

The new app will enable Facebook users to chat with their buddies without requiring them to load the entire site. The app can also be used to share images, as well as geolocation data (for smartphone users only).

The app also allows both one-to-one conversations as well as group conservations; similar to the Web version of Facebook Chat.

“Once launched, the app takes users to a lookalike of their regular Facebook inbox with all their messages and previous conversations pre-loaded,” according to a reportby the Recombu.

“Just like the recently-updated regular Facebook messaging system, offline contacts can still be sent messages, and in a self-conscious nod to Google+ the app also allows for group chatting,” the report stated.