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Former Acer CEO Accepts Consulting Job with Lenovo

Gianfranco Lanci, the former CEO of Acer, will be joining rival Lenovo as a consultant - a move that might give Lenovo a competitive edge over Acer.

According to the company, Lanci will be based out of Italy and will focus on Lenovo’s global consumer business. He will also help with the integration of Germany-based Medion, which was recently acquired by the company, as reported by SF Gate.

Lanci parted ways with Acer after a bitter dispute with the company’s board on how to run the company. Lanci, who was also the president of Acer, managed to steer Acer to Dell and become the second largest computer maker in the world.

Lenovo, which is the third largest computer maker in the world, hopes to beat Dell to advance to the second spot by the end of this year. Acer has slipped to fourth in the worldwide consumer PC market.

The China-based company has advanced due to refilling replacement orders for PCs in the US and has also enhanced its sales in markets like India and Brazil. Lenovo still has a long way to go before it tops HP, or even Dell for that matter.