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Google Chrome 14 with Native Client Support Unveiled

Google has introduced the Native Client on the newest version of its Chrome web browser, Chrome 14.

The Native Client, which was first launched in the beta version of Chrome last month, will allow developers to securely run C and C++ code inside the web browser. The latest version of Chrome also comes with Google’s Web Audio API.

According to The Register, the Native Client was introduced as an open source project three years ago.

The project has been designed in order to bring functionality that can’t be handled by JavaScript, like 3D games, video editing and other heavy apps that require a lot of speed.

Native Client is basically a sandboxing technology that lets developers run native code on the browser in a secure manner. The Native Client is available for the web browser via a plug-in called Pepper.

"While JavaScript is a fabulous language and it just keeps getting better, there is a lot of great software that isn't written in JavaScript, and there are a lot of software developers that are brilliant, but they would rather work in a different language," Brad Chen, who manages the Google Native Client project, told The Register.