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Google Paves Way for Celebrity Endorsements on Paid Search Results

Internet search giant Google is testing their new service, which will be aimed at allowing celebrities to rank the websites about them.

The new service, according to the company, will be quite helpful for celebrities as it will enable them to control their brands on Google search results.

The new move is a part of the company’s efforts to cut out companies which provide baseless information on celebrities and other public figures. But, the new offering will be limited to only the paid advertisement segment in the company’s search results.

Christian Oestlien, the head of advertising in Google Inc. stated during a conference in New York that the new offering will enable celebrities to endorse products of their choices - the products they are actually associated with.

'We're always testing new ways to make advertising more compelling to our users and advertisers,' said a Google spokesman, according to a Dailymail report.

“Some advertisers use celebrity endorsement in their ads. This tests extends the option of celebrity endorsement to online campaigns,” he added.

According to reports, the search giant is all set to roll out the new service in the US, which will soon be followed its launch in the UK and other regions.