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HP Brings Back $99 TouchPad Tablets For Employees

As expected, HP will start offering TouchPad tablets to thousands of its employees who had missed out on the fire sale last month, after a deluge of complaints from HP staff over the lack of stock.

As we reported a few days ago, the price still remains the same at $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB one and will be limited to only one tablet per employee.

An email sent to Techcrunch by an HP employee states that the sale will take place from the 28th of September at 9am (Pacific Time).

UK HP employees also received an email describing the same process and we have had reports of a few thousands of TouchPad devices have been earmarked for a HP-only sale via their Employee Purchase Program.

It is not known whether HP will be doing the same for the HP Pre 3 smartphone in the near future or if the sale will also be extended across the range to non-HP employees.

HP's decision to discontinue the WebOS platform marks the end of Palm's long journey, first as a pioneer, then as a laggard, in the world of mobility.

The company, which launched the mobile revolution with affordable personal digital assistants in the last century, quickly lost steam at the beginning of the millennium and was completely outclassed by the likes of iOS and Android when smartphones took off.