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Internet Troll Sean Duffy Gets 18 Weeks Jail Time

The number of Internet trolls or cyberbullies is steadily rising as the World Wide Web spreads its wing all over the globe. Their goal is simple - to annoy, hurt and offend their fellow surfers by posting sick and bogus postings on online forums.

Thankfully for us - the more sane population in the online community, law enforcement agencies have begun taking tough stands on such trolls lately.

A man named Sean Duffy has been sentenced to 18 weeks of imprisonment for posting derogatory remarks about four deceased teenagers in Facebook.

What was even more shocking was that Duffy, the man from Reading had never known, or met any of the teens on whom he passed those remarks, in real life.

Duffy - who is now behind the bars, according to police reports, did not hesitate even for a moment before posting a video, mocking Anna Esther Svidersky - the American teenager who was killed by a schizophrenic sex offender in McDonald’s some 5 years back.

And, that was not all - the 25 year old also posted messages, images and videos mocking three other unfortunate teenagers who had to lose their lives well before their time.

“We had to stop people responding to the sick messages. We knew that was what the person leaving them wanted,” a source close to one of the victim’s family said when asked about legal action against Duffy, Mirror reports.

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