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ITC to Investigate Patent Infringement Verdict Against HTC

The International Trade Commission (ITC), USA has revealed that it wants to look into a judge’s verdict which found HTC guilty of infringing on a couple of patents owned by Apple Inc.

The move by the ITC has come after both the complainant and the defendant filed two separate petitions appealing for a review of the July 15 verdict ruled by an administrative law judge.

In its lawsuit, Apple accused HTC of infringing on four of its patents to which the administrative judge found HTC of violating just two.

While Apple filed the petition with the ITC to ask for an investigation into possible infringement of the other two patents, HTC wants the regulator to re-examine the two patents which it was found guilty of infringing upon.

“The exclusion of HTC accused devices from the U.S. market would not only eliminate the most popular brand of smartphones using Android, the fastest-growing mobile operating system, but would also impact the public health, safety, and welfare concerns of individual U.S. consumers,” HTC stated, with a special mention to its 36 percent stake in the entire Android market in the US, according to an AppleInsider report.