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Late News: Kinect Underperforming in Japan, Samsung Countersues Apple, Mitsubishi Heavy Hacked

Even though Kinect is single handily responsible for changing the fortunes of Xbox 360, Microsoft is still struggling to sell the motion gaming technology in Japan. The head of Microsoft’s Japanese gaming division has admitted that the sales of Kinect in Japan have been disappointing.

The ugly, never-ending patent-war between Apple and Samsung took another twist late last week with the latter filing a new lawsuit against the iPhone maker, alleging it of violating some of its key-patents involving wireless technology.

Japan has been hit by its first major cyber attack, with perpetrators hacking into Japan’s defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy. Mitsubishi Heavy, which is Japan’s biggest defense contractor, informed that the company’s systems had come under attack from hackers. Media reports claim that that the company’s submarine, missile and nuclear power plant divisions had been targeted by the hackers.

Computer maker Hewlett Packard has dished out the first ever wireless mobile mouse which connects to a system using the Wi-Fi connection. The company also unveiled an entirely new range of accessories. The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is an industry first as it allows users to connect the mouse with a Wi-Fi receiver, thereby removing the need for wires and external receivers.

HP has announced that it is not going ahead with its proposed plan to outsource IT jobs assigned to the Adams 2 contract for the Department for Work and Pensions, according to recent reports. The company revealed earlier in June that it was planning to shift some 200 hundred jobs in north eastern England to India. HP defended the proposed step by saying it was necessary to comply to demands from the government to cut costs.

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