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Microsoft to Open Windows App Store; Only Place to Purchase Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft announced during the BUILD developer conference that apps designed for the Metro UI in Windows 8 will only be available from Microsoft’s own app store.

Metro apps will only be available for purchase and download from the Windows Store, the official app store for Microsoft’s newly unveiled Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft, like rival Apple, has decided to take 30 percent developer earnings from the sale of apps for the Windows 8 platform.

Windows 8 finally puts Microsoft at the same table as Google Android and Apple iOS. However, Microsoft has an advantage because the platform has been designed for both personal computers and tablet devices.

Ted Dworkin, who leads the development of Windows Store, says the company plans to offer Metro apps via Windows Store only because it wants to make sure the software is secure and appropriate.

“We will examine every application that will be submitted to us [and] we will run a virus check and a malware check on every application,” Dworkin told developers at the BUILD conference.

Microsoft plans to take Apple’s lead and keep a close eye on the types of apps made available for its platform.