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Pirate Party wins seat in Berlin elections

The Pirate Party has chalked up its fist electoral success in Germany, winning a seat in regional elections in Berlin.

The German Pirate Party is part of an international group - Pirate Parties International (PPI) - established last year 2010 in Brussels. The first Pirate Party was founded in Sweden as an offshoot of the Pirate Bay, tapping into support for the file-sharing site in the face of establishment opposition.

Now, capturing 8.9 percent of the vote in an election which Angela Merkel's Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats managed only only 23.2 per cent, its German arm will take a seat in the Berlin legislature.

The German Pirate Party was formed in 2006, to back file sharing and privacy on the Internet a platform extended to include citizen rights in general. It is thought take into a wave of dissatisfaction with the established parties and garnered support amongst those who can't normally be bothered to vote.

The emcumbent Social Deomcrat mayor Klaus Wowereit kept his seat and chain as the head of the biggest party showing. The Greens managed third spot with 18.4 per cent of the vote.

The Mayors coalition party, the Left party fared badly with 11.5 per cent of the vote so he will be casting around for new partners. Maybe he'll pick a pirate.

Here's Next Media Animation's take on the matter: