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Pirate Party Wins 15 Seats in German Parliment

The German wing of the Pirate Party met with some success in a recently held state election, and managed to sneak into 15 seats in the parliament.

It is worth noting the German Pirate Party had never won a single seat in the German parliament in the past; and when it finally did, it managed to pocket about 9 percent of the total seats in Germany’s legislative offices.

According to reports, most of the voters who stood by the party belonged to the younger generation. Also, the same voters helped push the party’s total election tally over 5 percent - the minimum required for a seat.

"A number of times I've heard, 'Your party is not relevant because it does not have members of parliament. Following this weekend's successes, in this respect, the party's position will be greatly improved," said Chairman of the German Pirate Party, Sebastian Nerz, in a statement to Torrentfreak.

"Everyone working for the party - including myself - is working in an honorary capacity. In contrast, Members of Parliament are paid for their work,” he added.