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Registration opens for LibreOffice conference

The Document Foundation, the group behind the fork LibreOffice, has announced its first ever conference, to be held in Paris at the first anniversary of the project.

The Document Foundation was formed from the ashes of, the popular open source productivity suite, when members of the project split acrimoniously with corporate overlord Oracle shortly after it acquired previous project leader Sun Microsystems.

While some blamed Oracle for the flaw - with outspoken LibreOffice and contributor Michael Meeks telling thinq_ at the time that the split was due to Oracle not quite grasping the meaning of 'community' - the cracks had been showing in the project for a while, with code gather cruft as would-be contributors struggled with red tape and the requirement for copyright assignation.

LibreOffice, then, was a fresh start, and came with a Foundation staffed almost exclusively with community members. Since its initial release - which was little more than a direct fork of with the name and logo changed - the project has gone from strength to strength, becoming the default productivity suite in a raft of Linux distributions.

To help the community steer the future direction of the project, The Document Foundation is holding a free conference in Paris next month. Around 200 project members and free software advocates are due to converge on La Cantine de Silicon Sentier and Institut de Recherche du Logiciel Libre in Paris on the 13th to the 15th of October for the event.

Prior to the conference itself, the Steering Committee is to hold a meeting with a public Q&A session to follow, while those attending the session can look forward to cocktails at the headquarters of sponsor Cap Digital on the 12th.

The day itself features a programme of presentations from regional authorities and the organising committee, with subjects including achievements in the software's development, the Foundation's infrastructure, community, and marketing, followed by technical 'bird of a feather' sessions and informal beer-fuelled gatherings in the evenings.

The event promises to bring together some big names in the industry, with the sponsorship list including Novell, SUSE, RedHat, Canonical, and Google among others. Attendance is free for all.

Full details, along with the registration link, are available over on the LibreOffice website (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.