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Xbox360 Kinect Not Performing in Japan Confirms Microsoft

Even though Kinect is single handily responsible for changing the fortunes of Xbox 360, Microsoft is still struggling to sell the motion gaming technology in Japan.

According to Wall Street Journal, the head of Microsoft’s Japanese gaming division has admitted that the sales of Kinect in Japan have been disappointing.

Takashi Sensui believes that the reason behind this is that the Xbox 360 brand and Kinect are not widely recognised in Japan.

The executive claims that all this will change when the software giant launches Windows 8 in Japan, which will come with support for Xbox Live online gaming platform. The feature will bring the console and Kinect in limelight in Japan.

“To be honest, Kinect's sales haven't met our initial expectations in Japan, but we have received good reviews from people who have used it. We need to reach out to a wider range of people,” Sensui said during the Tokyo Game Show in Japan.

The Japanese gaming market has been dominated by rivals Sony and Nintendo while Microsoft has been left to struggle in the sidelines. Overall, Microsoft has sold more than 55 million and 10 million units of Xbox 360 and Kinect respectively, worldwide.