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Apple Releases Update for Thunderbolt; Promises Frequent Firmware Updates

After launching a brand new series of Thunderbolt Cinema displays, Apple says firmware updates for these systems Thunderbolt connectors will be released frequently.

To prove it, Apple has already made available an update for the display aspect. According to the company, the update has been dispatched to "improve the stability of the Apple Thunderbolt Display."

Little information is available regarding the changes brought by this new update. However, anyone with the new display can install the update, which is sized around 923 KB.

The update will be installed in the users’ “/Applications/utilities/” folder, and upon being launched, the update will itself give all the necessary instructions regarding the procedure of applying the firmware updates to the display.

For all those with multiple Thunderbolt displays, here’s a piece of advice from Topher Kessler from CNet: “If you have more than one Thunderbolt display, then update them sequentially by plugging one in and updating it, then the doing the same for the next.”