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eBay Creates Selling Platform for App Developers Called

eBay is reportedly building a brand new division with the developer community in mind to attract a larger number of merchants.

According to analysts, the move is part of its larger plan to repeat the tremendous success enjoyed by Apple’s iOS platform in the e-commerce industry.

The main source of revenue for the company, so far, more or less, continues to be the massive online marketplace that provides a quite reasonable buying or selling platforms to end users and sellers.

Another popular division under the eBay brand name is the online payment outfit PayPal. However, this new service, dubbed X.COM has been aimed particularly at developers and merchants. As smartphones have gained in popularity, so have apps designed for smartphone users, as well as tablet computer and PC users.

At present, the company enjoys about 725,000 registered developers. There are some 4,600 Megnetto apps are already available on the

"They're pulling an Apple, calling on the collective power of the developer community," said Bill Smead of Smead Capital Management, which counts eBay as one of its largest holdings,” according to an LA report.