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Google, Oracle Android Talks Fail; Page, Ellison to Talk Again

The CEOs of Google and Oracle have failed to reach a settlement over an on-going lawsuit between the two tech giants over Java patent infringement in Android.

A federal judge earlier ordered Larry Ellison of Oracle and Larry Page of Google to hold settlement talks in order to resolve the feud. The enterprise software maker is demanding billions of dollars in damages from Google.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the two CEOs failed to reach an agreement in their face to face settlement talks. The two CEOs have been ordered to meet again on Thursday for a second round of settlement talks.

Oracle sued Google over the use Java code in its Android mobile operating system back in August. A full scale trial has been scheduled for October if the two companies fail to reach a settlement to end the lawsuit.

Larry Page was accompanied by Google’s head of mobile development Andy Rubin and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond while Larry Ellison was accompanied by Oracle chief financial officer Safra Catz.

Oracle claims that Google knowingly copied Java’s copied code in Android while Google claims that Oracle is bringing bogus patent claims against it in order to stall the growth of Android.