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iPhone 5 May Be Jailbroken Shortly After Its Release

As soon as the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) is released people will start looking for jailbreak solutions, and a recent report suggests that an untethered jailbreak could be made available far sooner than Apple might expect.

Nexus404 (opens in new tab) comes with an interesting post where they report that the Chronic Dev Team has already discovered five exploits which they could use in the near future to make possible the jailbreak of the fifth iPhone version.

These exploits have been discovered by the Chronic Dev Team over time in the basic iOS software, the core of all iOS versions; which means Apple will patch them in future iOS 5 updates. These new exploits are being referred to as "userland holes" and they were announced at MyGreatFest by p0sixninja, a renowned member of the Chronic Dev Team.

There is a good chance of seeing the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S jailbroken sooner than we might think if we take into consideration the fact that all the iOS 5 beta versions have been jailbroken up till now. With the help of these newly discovered security holes and the experience of previous iOS 5 beta jailbreaks, the final iOS 5 jailbreaking shouldn't be an impossible mission for the ingenious hackers out there.

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