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iTwin USB Drives Now Available for Mac Users

iTwin, which offers a USB drive that makes file sharing a breeze, has extended its offering to Apple’s Mac computers.

Using the iTwin USB device, users are can transfer sensitive data and media from one computer system to another using an Internet connection.

The device does not store data, but backs it up on the web instead. Once the data is shared with the device, users can unplug the other half of the device and take it with them.

When they plug the device into another system, they can transfer the files over the Internet. In order to facilitate the transfer, users would only need to install the iTwin software on both devices.

The file transfer will be successful only when there is an Internet connection and both the devices are plugged into the system. The data transferred using the device is protected with military level encryption.

“We are excited to be able to offer iTwin to both OS X and Windows customers," says co-founder and CEO of iTwin, Lux Anantharaman.

"We are confident that Mac users will be satisfied with the features iTwin offers, and which both consumers and small businesses have come to enjoy. Now both Macs and PCs will have full, cross-platform capabilities with this revolutionary device that is perfect for their sensitive file sharing needs," he added.