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Microsoft Releases Yet Another DigiNotar Related Windows Update

Windows maker Microsoft has issued yet another update for protecting users against the DigiNotar SSL hack because the previous one was flawed.

According ( Computer World, the update released by the company addressed a flaw in a previous update wherein the company blocked six additional certificates that hackers stole from DigiNotar.

Microsoft said that the issue only affects systems running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 while Windows 7 and other platforms were safe.

“Before September 19, 2011, the versions of update 2616676 for Windows XP and for Windows Server 2003 contained only the latest six digital certificates cross-signed by GTE and Entrust. These versions of the update did not contain the digital certificates that were included in update 2607712 or 2524375,” Microsoft explained.

“Therefore, before September 19, 2011 if you installed updated 2616676 and had not already installed update 2607712 or update 2524375, your system would not have been protected from the use of fraudulent digital certificates,” the company warned.

Microsoft has already made the update available via automatic methods while those who don’t have automatic updates activate would need to download the update manually.