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More Pictures Of iPhone 5 (or 4S) Parts Show Up

The iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S launch date is nearing and the tenuous rumours are slowly transforming into something more palpable, such as some new pictures supposedly showing next-gen iPhone parts.

Apple Insider has got hold of images showing a number of components purportedly from the next iPhone, which had been acquired by iRepair India.

iRepair India claims to have received the parts from Chinese suppliers of an improved iPhone 4 model, dubbed by the majority of bloggers and tech pundits - the 4S, although the Indian source referred to it as the iPhone 4GS.

The supplier of these pictures is bold enough to suggest that there will not be an iPhone 5 released this year, saying that Apple isn't going to make significant hardware changes in their iPhone line just now. And if you want to build your own iPhone 4GS, it seems that you could do it as the display glass, battery, camera, home button and dock connectors are available for purchase.

iRepair India also mentioned that they "know" the Chinese supplier and that they are "credible enough". The images provided show a home button, camera housing, internal circuitry and a front glass pane.

If Apple does not release a highly improved iPhone model, the company could lose even more ground to Android which has more than just one manufacturer to carry it forward.

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