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Oracle and SAP AG Legal Battle Not Over Yet

Oracle has been asked to reconsider its earlier request to seek a review of a court judgement that overturned the company’s appeal for a hefty $1.3 billion compensation from SAP AG.

Earlier, on September 1, a US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton in Oakland, California gave her judgement in favor of SAP AG’s plea in which the company appealed to the court to reject a copy right infringement verdict against it.

Hamilton said in her verdict that SAP would have to file a new trial for damages if Oracle rejected her verdict to lower the amount to $272 million. According to the judge, the amount she ruled should be the maximum in compensation based on the evidence presented before the court.

"We believe that the resolution of this investigation is fair. We are pleased to have come to an appropriate conclusion of this process," said an SAP spokesman, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

It all started when a software subsidiary of SAP AG, TomorrowNow, was accused by Oracle of illegally downloading several thousand copies of Oracle software. Oracle claimedn that SAP was trying to avoid paying licensing fees for the software, as well as steal its customers.