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Pew Survey: Nearly One Third US Adults Prefer Texting Over Talking

Near about one-third of all US adults prefer to keep in touch with one another via text messages rather than voice calls, a new report claims.

The study was conducted by the research outfit Pew Research as a part of their Internet and American Life Project, and according to it, 83 percent of the adult population in the country were in possession of a mobile phone.

According to the Pew report, 73 percent, meaning almost three-quarter of the adults in the country had the habit of sending text messages. But, when it came to the question of preferred method of contact, 31 percent of the participants in the study admitted for them, texting is more convenient, whereas 51 percent said they would rather prefer voice calls. 14 percent said their preferred method depends on the situation.

The study also claimed that for more than half of the “heavy-texters”, meaning those who send more than 50 texts in a single day, voice calling was only the second preferred option- texting obviously being the most preferred choice.

“Heavy text users are much more likely to prefer texting to talking. Some 55% of those who exchange more than 50 messages a day say they would rather get a text than a voice call,” the Pew report says.