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ReactOS, The Windows Clone, Needs 1 Million Euros in Funding

A high school student from Russia, who is currently working on a free and open source clone of the Windows operating system, has asked for an 1 million euros funding from the Russian President himself.

The proposed alternative of the Windows platform, dubbed ReactOS has been under development for over a decade now, but drew the attention of President Dmitry Medvedev only recently during his visit to a high school.

During his visit to the school, a demonstration of the ReactOS was presented by one of the students to the president, following which, the student went on to ask for an 1 billion funding for future developments of the project.

"Mr Medvedev visited a high school in the Stavropol region, and as a coincidence, one of our developers, Marat Karatov, studies there," the venture's project coordinator, Moscow-based Aleksey Bragin, said, BBC News reports.

“So Marat decided to use this chance and tell the president about our free, non-commercial initiative, and he also quite unexpectedly said that for the project to make it to the finish line we would need 1 mln euros ($1,370,184, £865,578),” he added.

[Image courtesy: BBC News]