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Rutland Gets £710000 from UK Government for Superfast Broadband Deployment

The UK government has granted money to Rutland in order to help in bringing super fast broadband to the county.

According to BBC News, £710,000 has been given to the Rutland county council by the UK government for super fast broadband deployment.

The council said that the government funding will grant 99 percent homes and business in Rutland access to super fast broadband by 2013.

The council got the funding after successfully bidding to become one of the areas that will get special funding from the government.

"This is fantastic news for the county. The impact of introducing high speed broadband to an estimated 99% of homes and businesses across Rutland by 2013 should not be underestimated," said council deputy leader Terry King.

“A substantial amount of work has already taken place and we're now in the final stages of appointing a preferred partner to work with us. This partnership is essential as broadband technology is a high-tech area and you need to have a considerable amount of expertise on board to make a project of this nature successful,” he added.