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Say “Hi” To My Little Friend : A Quick Preview Of iHi

Following a recommendation from a friend (ever notice how powerful that is?), I have been messing about an amazing little iPhone app called iHi.

It is amazing not because it squeezes every last ounce of processing power from my iPhone, or has me wasting hours per day on some addictive game.

No. iHi is amazing for the pure simplicity of the idea and the clean execution. iHi is one of those apps that leave you scratching your head asking “why didn’t I think of that?”

Put simply, iHi is super simple visual communication. You can pick from a list of pre set words or phrases:

When selected, the phrase is displayed as a striking white Arial font on black background for maximum contrast and visual impact.

You can watch this short video to see the app in action.

Where the app really comes to life is with the premium upgrade which costs £1.49 in the UK. This allows you to enter your own messages to add to the set that come as standard.

However within a few days the overriding joy of the app became abundantly clear to me. Call me childish and shallow, but it is phone based abuse of friends and colleagues!

For the last three weeks every meeting, conference, airport lounge, flight, meal in a restaurant has been littered with iHi delivered abuse. This makes the app very viral, as pretty much the entire team has now downloaded the app to allow them to respond to the abuse they are receiving!

Just last week during our 2012 roadmap planning meetings we were using iHi to score roadmap candidates as they were presented! An added bonus is looking back on the list of words and phrases I have entered into iHi over the past three weeks.

This is actually one of the most powerful ways to reminisce where I have been, and what I was doing at that point in time. Adding time & location stamps to each would be pretty cool.

Join me tomorrow as I speak to Neil Stanley, the guy behind the iHi concept.